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We provide the best QUALITY without PRESERVATIVES

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Starting from my hobby of cooking and baking and always try the latest recipes, we finally got the idea and the courage to create and help everyone. With creative ideas and concepts also experiences, we always deliver best quality without preservatives and excellent results. Also from fresh and natural ingredients

For more information and order, please Contact Us at :

  • WhatsApp : 0811 733 9110
  • Email : yulia@bitemecake.com
  • Instagram : justbitemecake
  • Location : Please contact us to get our location

Meet our product

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Introduce you Drinkme

Now we started to produce fresh drinks that you can consume every day. We still use natural and fresh ingredients. With the affordable price we will serve you with pleasure

  • Thai Tea (IDR.15K, only)
  • Green Tea (IDR.15K, only)
  • Silky Pudding (IDR.15K, only)
  • Lemongrass (IDR.10K, only)

Note :
Our promo price until January 31, 2016
Our shipping using third party and the shipping fee is paid by the buyer

We provide the best quality without preservatives

How to order

Here is how to do order our products, follow these steps and make sure you provide correct information and details

1. Write

You should write whatever you need and make the detail include: type, taste, size and number. You must remember that we do not give price on this website

2. Adjust

Calculate and adjust to your needs, because we can not serve the order if the time is too short. We will serve the order at least 5 days in advance (negotiable)

3. Budget

Adjust your order with funds that you provide. If your order is a cake with thematic, maybe you need a figurine, which are quite expensive

4. Contact us

Finally, please contact us to obtain detailed information and we will assist you. Please contact us on 08117339110 or send an email to yulia@bitemecake.com

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You can be reached me on Monday through Saturday, from 8am to 10pm, West Indonesia Time.